7 Self Discipline Hacks To Change Your Life

self discipline

“Rule your mind or it will rule you” – Horace


Self Discipline by Evan Carmichael


I had trouble staying focused on everyday tasks. And I lacked the discipline when a distraction came to mind or right in my face. I used to go on YouTube to look up videos on how to be successful or how to do a certain task. Then 10 minutes later, I find myself looking at CGI animated videos by CGI Brothers. I even justified it by saying the videos help my storytelling creativity. It became a crazy domino effect that got out of hand real quick.

Great thing, though, YouTubers like Evan Carmichael help with personal development issues like this. I posted the full video below in case you want to watch it. It has given me the knowledge and ability to stay focused and self-disciplined in my work. My productivity increased by giving me the power to slam the door in the face of distractions of everyday life. So, here are 7 ways to help develop more self-discipline in your life.


self discipline


1. Start Small

It’s difficult to just stop a bad habit and start a good one. But if you aim for small victories by taking baby steps then you can build the big picture easier. The road is long! Therefore, stay committed! For example, if the goal is to lose weight, succeed by first walking 30 minutes a day for two weeks. Then step it up a level and watch your diet. Add in some resistance training, and continue to raise the bar.

By setting small goals, the big ones becomes less overwhelming. You will also be less likely to look for distractions like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Take it day by day and step by step. The big goals in life aren’t accomplished in a sprint.



2. Persist

Persistence is reworking the mind in order to try again after falling off. It is self-discipline in action! Many of you don’t succeed because you try and quit if it doesn’t work. By persisting and continuing on the path, you develop the discipline necessary to a achieve your goals. The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino has an awesome self-affirmation. The Scroll Marked III says,

“I will persist till I succeed.”

Rarely, if ever, did I accomplished a goal on my first try. I finished something only from getting back up after failing. I learned what worked from what didn’t work.

Business Insider wrote an inspiring article that explained the failures and persistence of Pandora founder, Tim Westergren.


“Westergren’s pitch to over 300 VCs during that period (the dot com crash) fell on deaf ears, as investors were extremely cautious about their commitments after the dot-com crash, and the music industry online was in disarray.” (Click to view full article)

Picture yourself selling your idea 300 times and coming up short every time. There almost was no Pandora! The article continues to say that he was working for free and convinced others to do the same because, for about 2 and a half years, the company was broke. Develop your self-discipline by keep moving forward with your goals no matter how many times it fails. Truly believe you will win!



 3. Act Fast

You face problems and issues daily! Therefore you must stay on top of them. They can pile up and have you feeling stuck. Because you didn’t answer that email or make that call or change that oil on the car, it will overwhelm you. Act fast by creating a habit where you immediately jump on an issue and your self-discipline builds.

I read about a 3-second rule where you give yourself 3 seconds to jump up and move. Any longer than that and you will decide not too. Don’t let the distracting thought linger like an unwanted house guest named Bob. You don’t want Bob to waste your time. (No offense to those named Bob)



4. Just Do It

You can’t afford to have your life being controlled by something else other than yourself. One guy says, “I gotta wait till I feel like doing it.” Yet, the self-disciplined guy says, “I gotta do it till I feel like it.” I use this as a self-motivator. When I feel like procrastinating, I repeat in my mind “Just Do It, Just Do It, Just Do It.” I get things done early and on time.

Do it now because tomorrow never comes. Benjamin Franklin said,

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”




celebrate self discipline

5. Celebrate Your Wins

Get small wins and connect them with others. Share your wins to make them more important and memorable. Your brain will feel that the win is important. When I accomplish something while working on this blog, I immediately call someone to celebrate. (Although sometimes they hate me because it’s usually 2 am) But if I don’t celebrate, then I will never develop the discipline to go the long haul.

Celebrate your small wins to build momentum to form good habits for major victories. Also, make sure the celebration benefits you by not contradicting your hard work. If you finally ran that mile, don’t eat a chocolate cake to celebrate.



6. Care

This is my all time favorite way to develop self-discipline. Learn to care more than normal and more than necessary about results. People allow themselves to get off the hook about something because they have stopped caring enough. This is the most important to me because I see it as the number one reason why people don’t develop self-discipline. Your mind is easily distracted. Your vision may quickly escape you when the list of the Top 8 Celebrity Hookups pops on the screen. I did this allll the time.

I see Top 10 Best Marvel Movie Action Scenes or Top 10 Reasons to Move to Canada from WatchMojo on YouTube and for some reason, I want to watch it. Idk, I rationalize that maybe I’ll move to Canada one day and I need to know. But I realized when I watch these videos, that I instantly cared more about moving to Canada then putting out great content for you guys. So when you have goals,  you must care about them more than you do the distraction.



7. Desire

You must have an eager desire. Want something more than you want to breathe. Want something more than you want to sleep. Build the zeal to prioritize things first. Caring helps you to continue with your self-discipline of your goals after the desire pushes you. You can’t just kinda want it and hope your goals just happen. Therefore, want it more than you want to eat that delicious, juicy hamburger when you’re starving.



Evan Carmichael is an awesome YouTuber for entrepreneurs who puts out videos daily on topics such as these and other advice from famous and successful people you know.

Today’s Question: How will you apply these tips to increase your self-discipline? (Comment below and share with others!)



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