Patience: Actively Waiting Tips


“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet” – Aristotle


5 Ways to Wait Patiently by Evan Carmichael


Enjoy the Ride!! Many times I rush the process toward success. When this happens my skills are not being mastered to maintain the success. Like the old saying goes, “A fence quickly built is a fence quickly destroyed.” This video that Youtuber, Evan Carmichael, put out assisted my journey by mashing together advice from amazing people like Eric Thomas and Les Brown who motivate me every day. So I made a promise to myself that no matter how easy or how difficult the road to success became, I will enjoy the ride with a positive mindset.



Patience Tips


1. Change Your Thinking

Phenomenal motivational speaker, Eric Thomas encourages that as you go through the journey to success, you will not see a lot of progress every day. It takes baby steps. You won’t always see a touchdown, so the important concept is to move the ball forward every day by doing something new and by constantly putting up new numbers to elevate you up the ladder. You must embrace a don’t-mind-waiting mentality and you have to hustle while you wait!! To prepare and train your mind, do little exercises that increase your patience such as standing in the longest line at the grocery store. You may say, “Nah, I’m good. I don’t need to do that.” And you say that because you lack patience. If you don’t have the patience to try out and accomplish a simple exercise like this, then how will you succeed in anything?



2. Find The Right Balance

Wine educator, Gary Vaynerchuk illustrates his idea of global and local goals. He suggests you become patient by waiting for the long term goals, which he calls the global goals. At the same time, work as hard as possible and be urgent toward your local goals by putting up high numbers consistently. Be patiently impatient! The right balance is showing up for the train and doing something productive while you wait for your turn to get in on.




3. Take The Indirect Route

Entertainer, LL Cool J stresses the problem with the way the world is today. The fact that we all want events and situations to happen now, quick, and easy (especially with our smartphones) may teach us very little about whatever we need to go through because we haven’t taken the journey. The indirect route is the scenic view were few take because it has a lot of detours. Go through the jungle to learn and experience the skills necessary for success. Take in the plants, animals, annoying bugs because through all of that you are sharpening your skill set to conquer success and stay successful. Those who take the direct route usually start back at the beginning because they haven’t developed the proper skills. Success requires patience and taking the indirect route builds that skill.



4. Be Actively Patient

Famous motivational speaker, Les Brown illustrates an awesome story about the struggles of growing a Chinese bamboo tree:

A man decided to grow one. He watered it every day. The first year, nothing happened. The second year, nothing happened. The third year, nothing happened. The community mocked him. They called him a fool because they didn’t see his vision. People will not see your vision. They don’t understand that for things to be great, you must water it every day without fruit. You must hope and believe that one day all your watering will pay off. So, the fourth year, still nothing. The people thought that he lost his mind. The man was about to give up, but he kept on believing with the little hope remaining. So the fifth year, finally a little green weed began to sprout. 5 weeks later, the seed grew 90 feet tall!!! People gathered around, stunned by the sight, some called it an overnight success, but the man knew his labor.

The question is: Did it take the bamboo tree 5 years to grow 90 feet or 5 weeks? The answer: 5 years of course!! Your success is like a bamboo tree. You need to gather enough nutrients and skills to finally shoot off and maintain your growth. While you are maturing, people will come out and look at you funny and say things like, “Stevie Wonder can see ain’t nothing gonna grow.” You nor them see the progress, but you must continue to see your vision. People stop a quarter, half way, or right before their dream is realized, so their seed doesn’t break the ground. Continue to water your dream every day. Which brings me to the next point…



5. Wait For Your Season

Buddhist teacher, Jack Kornfield, insists that many times it is not your season. Droughts come, but you must continue to water and nurture your seed. Plant in the spring, water in the summer, and reap in the fall, while staying patient for your season. Understanding the season you are in helps with patience by making the wait easy to handle. He equates this to a surfer. Surfers don’t just paddle, but they wait for the right wave. Be eager in emotion, and wait for the right time to act.


Today’s Question: What exercise do you implement to develop patience?




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