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“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make” – Les Brown


Les Brown is a phenomenal speaker! I first heard of Les Brown while looking at a motivational video compilation on YouTube. He gave a speech that revealed the effects of people not living their dreams because they feared the pursuit. He presented a morbid illustration of a guy on his deathbed. And around him were the ghosts of his dreams and ideas. Those he never dared to follow. The ghosts stood with large angry eyes. And they cried, “We came to you, and only you could have given us life! Now, we must die with you forever.”

That powerful illustration put a fear in me (not because of the ghosts). But that I don’t want my dreams or ideas to die with me. As a result, I’ve taken plenty of risks. Most failed, but I never wanted to look back and say, “What if?” Therefore, I never have. I suggest you do the same and that this video helps motivate you to do so. Live your dreams!



A little bit about Les Brown: He was born Leslie Calvin Brown on February 17, 1945 in Miami, Florida with his twin brother Wesley in an abandoned building. Soon, he was adopted and raised by a 38-year-old woman named, Mamie Brown. In grade school, he was declared “educable mentally retarded.” Deciding to go against this label, and with the encouragement of his mother and a teacher from his high school, he went into public radio. Afterward, he won the election for the Ohio House of Representatives from 1977 to 1983. Then later, he went onto television.

As a motivational speaker, he speaks from the heart with high energy and passion. Les Brown encourages people to step beyond their limits with his powerful phrase, “It’s possible!”


And shoutout to Genius Mindset for making the video!

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