Deadly Diseases of Attitude Affecting You

Deadly Diseases

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” – Charles R. Swindall


7 Diseases of Attitude by Jim Rohn


We suffer from diseases that cause our attitude to suffer and affect our production. Our attitude is the most important attribute to gain and maintain success in life. I’ve learned to continue to hold a positive attitude so that I see the opportunities life gives me. People with a negative attitude fail to utilize these opportunities and then complain they don’t have any. They say phrases like, “If only luck like that happened to me…” Luck is created in the form of blessings. We are blessed as a reward for a positive attitude. Jim Rohn says it’s important to handle these diseases. Don’t ignore them because they are like weeds in a beautiful garden. If you ignore them they will not hesitate to take over your garden.

Jim Rohn was one of the most influential speakers of the 1980’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. His speaking style brought a unique mixture of humor and philosophy. The result motivated and captivated his audience with a burning desire to change and improve. He inspired me to understand it is never too late to be happy and wealthy though his personal story of rags to riches. He was a farm boy from Idaho and broke in his mid 20’s. Then, through excellent mentorship, he became wealthy and gave seminars for 40 years. As a result, motivational speakers and authors Tony Robbins, Jack Cranfield, Brain Tracy, and T. Harv Eker are just a fraction of all who were influenced by him.

This article is a snippet of one of his many impactful seminars that you can find on YouTube. So, I have included it below. Watch it for more.



1. Indifference

The drifter’s approach to life. You can’t drift your way up the mountain. Most people don’t get worked up. Or they get worked up and quickly go back into drift mode because they lost the desire. So you must get and stay worked up to be a winner. The best quality to look for in a person is someone with passion. It doesn’t even matter what it’s in as long as you give the work everything you’ve got.

Advice: “Put everything you’ve got into everything you do!” You can’t be great if you’re indifferent. Get passionate! I do this by watching motivational video and reading inspiring book snippets in the morning before I start my day. So get in the habit of setting 30 minutes aside each morning to form a power packed routine.



2. Mental Paralysis

When you can’t make up your mind. You’re always on the fence and don’t know which side to get off. You find yourself saying phrases like, “What to do? What to do?” “Should I do this…. But that maybe better?” I was like this and I thought I was intelligent because of it. I would think and think and think, believing I was being tactical. But in reality I became plagued by this disease.

Advice: Get off the fence! It doesn’t even matter which side. If it’s the wrong side, you’ll find out quicker. Life is full of decisions. So take advantage! It’s not how many you get right that counts, but how many you get. Napoleon Hill explains in his book, Think and Grow Rich, that successful people have the common trait to be quick thinkers, in his chapter Decision: The Mastery of Procrastination. Also, the great Bruce Lee said,

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”



3. Doubt

There are many kinds of doubt. The worst is Self-Doubt. I used to doubt whether I could do a task or not: meet a sales quota, accomplish my weight goal, or start a book I constantly putt off. I realized the little voice of doubt is supposed to be there to keep you in check. But, when you give in to the voice, thats when the disease festers. So, control the voice of doubt.

Advice: Know your Self Worth. I realized I doubted myself because I didn’t know who I was. You must know who you are and what you are capable of. Philippians 4:13 states that “I can do all things through Christ who straightened me.” I read an amazing book that will help you discover your self worth as it did for me. It will empower you to do the things you are destined to do without limitations. It’s called The Greatest Miracle In The World by O. G. Mandino. Check it out at the Book Shop under Self Development




4. Worry

This disease causes all kinds of problems: social problems, financial, relationship, and especially work related. Worrying brings uneasiness and unnecessary stress that ruin opportunities. I had to stop watching the news. I immediately worried about events that I couldn’t control: “What if we get bombed by another country?” and “What if the economy crashes? I better not invest yet.” As an entrepreneur, you must have a level of paranoia. But worrying exceeds that level and therefore stops you from taking the great opportunities.

Advice: Give it up and like the Disney movie, Frozen, sings, “Let It Go!” It’s not easy. But it’s worth it. Someone once told me, “You can either pray or worry. You can’t do both.” If you can’t help worrying, then remember that worrying can’t help you.



5. Overcautious

The timid approach to life. Some will never have and be much because they are too cautious. They think about all the negatives and risks of a situation. “What if this happened? Look at the fix I would be in. I better not go.” Jim Rohn explains that life is risky. Getting out of bed, eating, and even driving to work are all risky. Life is so risky that you won’t make it out alive.

Advice: Embrace calculated risk. The key word is calculated. Don’t be the person who invests $500 on an opportunity without knowing the important facts. (I did that once. Never again.) Instead of sitting in a corner waiting to be fed, try new adventures. It’s not about how long you live but how you live. My old manager from a sales job I took explained to me: “Seth, I want you to do 1 uncomfortable task a day. Give life your potential.” Now, I count and write down something new I did that day for encouragement and to look back on. And as a result, my life is becoming more fulfilled each day.



6. Pessimism

When you always look at the issues that could go wrong. And never see the positives. Its a sunny day outside. You look out the window and instead of seeing the sun, you see the specks on the window. How can a person succeed with this mentality, seeing the faults. That will never make an awesome, energized manager or leader. They would always criticize and never encourage. A leader’s number one job is to encourage and inspire. Therefore, you can’t let this disease dominate you like Nintendo did to Sega with it’s Super Nintendo console during the 16 bit war in the early 90’s.

Advice: Choose to see the sun. “We see things how we think things are, not how they actually are.” So, when the pessimist sees the glass half empty, the optimist sees it half full.



7. Complaining

In the Old Testament of the Bible, the Israelites were headed to the Promised Land, which God promised to give them. It was a long journey. And all through that journey, they complained about everything. They complained about being hungry, thirsty, and enemies. So, eventually God had enough and cancelled the trip for a that generation to where they never saw the Promised Land.

Advice: Don’t complain! Even God can only take so much. Once I stopped complaining, I gained more friends. Also people around me smiled more and were glad to see and be around me.



Ultimate Lesson

In conclusion, stand guard of your mental factory. What you listen to, read, and view pours massive ingredients into it. Therefore, you can’t let just anyone dump any ol’ thing inside it. Often, people put trash in it by keeping up with the latest gossip, reading about wars and riots, and watching the news all day. How can you go out into the world with a rich, dynamic, positive attitude with all that chaos marinated deep inside? How can your business flourish? Everything starts with thought. In order to succeed, you must decide what goes into your mental factory. This is one thing in life that you have control over, so don’t give it to someone or something else.


Today’s Question: What do you have in your mental factory that’s helping you or that you need to remove? (Comment below to inspire others!)





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  1. Wow what a great article.For me personally what helps me the most to get through the day is simply have a talk with myself (almost) every morning like what are my goals today, remind myself of all the things that i am grateful for, tell myself that today will be a great productive day and i will do my best to be better person than i was yesterday.
    Also meditation and yoga go a long way, they help you relax and shake off the worries and stress.
    Thank you for sharing many aspects of life that many people encounter every single day and also how to deal with them.

    • Your welcome Nikica! Thanks for sharing your morning routine. It’s awesome! Self affirmations are really powerful.
      I like meditation and yoga too because during the day, especially with social media, things can get wild and time is needed to just decompress.

  2. Hey Seth,

    Great motivational post! What a way to start my day.

    At some point in my online business, I was guilty of (3)self-doubt and (5)over-cautious – wondering if people would like what I write as a blogger, whether there’s value in my posts, the mysteries of SEO and the many what ‘if’s that cloud my mind.

    But then I thought, having a business is not just about making money. It’s about providing value to people. And if you are focused on the ultimate aim about that business – that it is not just about you, but people around you (personally, that is to be able to give something more to those around me like buying them holidays…), then it keeps me grounded to what I do.

    I believe such thoughts, emotions of self-doubt will come not once but a few or many times in your life. But like you said, it’s important to keep them in check and surround yourself with positive people! If not, they can kill … your sense of worth.

    • Thanks Zailinah! It’s definitely about creating value. That reminds me of an awesome quote by Albert Einstein that says, “Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value.” Now I try to incorporate this mindset in everything I do.

  3. I think for me personally one of the best decisions was that i stopped watching the evening news. As my Dad used to say, it shouldn’t be called ‘News’, it should be called ‘Bad News’. I also love that quote ‘Life is so risky that no-one makes it out alive’. To me it means, we have such a short time on this earth and I just want to do what makes me happy 🙂

  4. Doubt and indifference can make a big difference and it has happened to me previously. Maybe when people are tired and frustrated they become indifferent. In my case, I was lucky to have my family reaffirm my worth by telling me that they need me and that being needed can be a key to change attitude.

  5. Hey Seth thanks for this great and amazing post. I myself am a great fan of Jim Rohn, and in your article snippet, I find number 2 the most interesting because I was once controlled by it. It is also called analysis paralysis, where you are in a state where you keep on planning and planning and planning without really being productive.
    Anyways, very informative post Seth, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Hans! Yea, Jim Rohn is great. I like the name analysis paralysis (it rhythms lol). Sometimes we can get stuck there if we are not quick to make a decision. I appreciate the feedback.

  6. hi, great writing. I used to have Mental Paralysis for a long time but I don’t know what happened after university years, I just started to take action and feel great about it. can you suggest any book about it? My friend had the same issue and I think he needs to read about it because I can’t seem to make him understand.

    • Hey Furkan! Thanks for the feedback. I’ve read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and the chapter on Decision really helped me. Also, I haven’t read Decision Traps: The Ten Barriers to Brilliant Decision-Making & How To Overcome Them by J. Edward Russo, but I’ve heard really positive statements regarding it. Check em out and tell me what you think

  7. Hi Seth! The attitudes you have listed are some of the things that I have had to deal with. Negativity is something I am trying to overcome but its a little difficult living with someone that swims in it along with pessimism.
    Getting close to getting away from that though. I self doubt myself a lot and it comes from being raised around people instilling it in others and apparently myself. Its a tough road ahead but I am trying to overcome the bumps in it.

    • Thanks for sharing Jana! I deal with negativity as well. I’m sure you’ll pull through as long as you take it one step forward at a time. Stay strong Jana because it doesn’t go away completely. But you can overcome!

  8. Hello, I love this article. I have struggled with self esteem most of my life, and I’ll admit I got pretty negative. Trying to rebuild my life and change my outlook! Best wishes for you/

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