About Me


My name is Seth and I’m the founder of The Success Owl.

I read……….a lot so I decided to share with you what I learn in hopes to motivate you through personal growth from this blog.  

I struggled to find my own passion in life and turn that into a contribution for others. Going through college, in New Orleans, I took many diverse classes hoping that it would just pop up. It was fun, but time ran out.

After graduating in 2008, I took my head out of the books and journeyed pass a couple of practical experiences. This lead to a number of sales opportunities in Dallas including personal training, cellphones, solar energy, and DirecTV. With the guidance of my mentors, I developed many amazing skills such as management, leadership, and communication. Yet, the passion wasn’t there so I took a step back to reevaluate. 

I analyzed what I loved to do and how to bring that love to the community, hence, this blog. I’m constantly reading and trying new experiences in hopes of bringing value to your life as they bring value to mine.

I believe that the most important skill to reach success is to have a student mentality. This is why an owl is used as a mascot. It is an animal known to be wise by studying its environment and prey before it attacks with ninja-like quickness………..And also because it’s nocturnal, which is when I am most active.

This blog will help you reach success by providing key lessons that I have learned from the awesome books I read and the enlightening videos I watch. I encourage you to use and practice these principles throughout the day. I post every Monday so that you can be prepared for the coming week with awesome skills to practice.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime! 

Stay Strong! Stay Focused!