4 Laws To Achieve True Happiness And Success

4 Laws of True Happiness and Success

“Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you have” – Zig Ziglar


The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino


There was a great deer who loved his strong, glorious horns, but he hated his ugly feet. One day, a hunter came and the deer’s ugly feet raced him away to safety from the hunter. Soon after, his outstanding horns became caught in a thicket and before he could escape, he was shot.

How many of us are like the deer? I used to think I was handsome, but I hated my physique. I worked out everyday to bulk up my muscles. The problem was that it was never good enough. My arms were never big enough, back never broad enough, legs never looked in proportion to my upper body. It was an ongoing process that left an empty feeling.

Og Mandino’s powerful book demolished the feeling of unsatisfactory with true happiness. Yes, happiness comes from inside, but even more is most people don’t know that they can program their happiness. They know that it comes from inside, but this book gives deeper understanding. It mentions 4 laws of true happiness and success to take action toward your happiness. Knowing and doing these laws improved my happiness by coding and tuning my brain with the happiness mindset. So, here are the 4 laws of true happiness and success


4 Laws of True Happiness and Success


Count Your Blessings

1. Count Your Blessing

When discussing the first of the laws of true happiness and success, Og Mandino illustrates the story of Eddie Rickenbacker. Eddie was lost in the Pacific during WWII for 21 days with his buddies. They were drifting, desperately searching for civilization. Finally rescued, he was asked, “What was the biggest lesson you learned while out at sea?” He respond with the stunning and humble reply, “The biggest lesson I learned was that if you have all the fresh water you want to drink and all the food you want to eat, you ought to never complain about anything.”

Today, whenever I feel like dying or that the world is unfair, I mediate on the millions of those before me who didn’t have this opportunity and still made something of life. I remember that I have ears, fingers, legs, a loving family, speech, my car runs, and my dog does too. I have it all written in my phone so that I don’t forget. Also, I refer back to an article I did on the Deadly Diseases of Attitude from the motivational Jim Rohn. 

“I had the blues, because I had no shoes. Until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet”



2. Proclaim Your Rarity

The book is called The Greatest Miracle in the World for a reason. People don’t remember that they are. They forget that out of all the people who have lived before, today, and in the future, that they are the one and only. They settle for mediocrity due to lack of faith in themselves.

I’ve learned that no one is like me in this world. When someone says “You can’t, nobody has done such and such.” I say, “Nobody has done it because I just got here.” Today, I believe in myself and in my abilities.

How do I develop the faith within me to conquer obstacles? First I read the Bible, Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Second, I proclaim my rarity through Powerful Everyday Affirmations. I continue to remind myself and program my mind to believe in what I can achieve. Everyday, self hate, disgust, and other negative emotions attempt to sneak in my mind. But I have the power to shut them out through proclamation. Proclaiming and doing positive reminders. Most people don’t believe this. They won’t try it and therefore remain sad and continue to search for happiness. But for those who do believe I encourage you to check out my article on Powerful Everyday Affirmations to get impactful ideas.



Go Another Mile

3. Go Another Mile

I remember, years ago, I worked for a grocery store. A coworker explained to me he wasn’t going to sweep the backroom after the mess he made because there was someone who will come after him to do it. Being young, I thought that was right because it wasn’t like he would get fired. But later I thought, he wouldn’t get honored either. So, I learned that going beyond your duty, gets you opportunity and praise, or as some call “luck.”

Many think that by doing more or caring more than necessary will bring them discomfort and sadness. But the opposite is true. Doing more, brings more reward. There is a computer lingo that states as GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out). You program garbage in a computer, you get garbage out of it. Meaning, it’s not the computer, it’s the user. If we use this to our advantage, we gain benefits that exceed the work that we put in.

I soon saw that if I did a job, I got paid the contracted amount. Yet, if I exceeded the expectation, more than what was agree upon came out. Funny thing is that, now I go beyond my duty just for self fulfillment. And because I gain happiness from going the extra mile, the extra benefits that come back are just a bonus.

“If it’s not your job, it’s your opportunity”



4. Use Your Power Of Choice: Good vs Evil

This law is perhaps the most important of the 4 laws of true happiness and success because each day we have the choice to love or hate, to do good or do evil. We have the free will to make our lives better or make it worse. Therefore, through these actions, happiness becomes a choice. People say, “I’m not happy or successful.” I ask, “Well what did you do today to improve your happiness tomorrow?”

As a personal trainer, people expressed, “I want to lose this weight.” I ask, “What did you eat today.” They admitted to snacks like chips and unhealthy breakfasts. I then asked them to write down everything they eat and to bring it to me next session to tweak their eating habits. Most claim they forgot and don’t do it. So, I assume they want to be overweight. People came to me for a solution. Yet, they are the solution and I merely assisted. We can use our power of choice to be happy and successful or be sad never reach our potential.



This book has taught me that happiness isn’t external. And it’s more than just saying that happiness comes from within. Just like there are laws to the earth such as the Law of Gravity, there are at least 4 laws of happiness and success. Following these laws will bring you happiness and success just as it did with me.


Today’s Question: What’s something you can do now to gain happiness and success for tomorrow? (Share in the comments below!!)

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  1. Awesome tips Seth, I believe that happiness is also when you help out other people, like the homeless, you get an amazing feeling, what do you think about that?

    Thanks for sharing- Anis 🙂

    • Thanks Anis. I believe helping others brings true happiness as well. I try to do at least one selfless act a day. I think that’s one of our purposes of life: to serve others in some one.

  2. What a powerful post Seth, absolutely brilliant and it’s a wonderful reminder, for not only myself, but for a lot of others, on what we should really do/think in life to really appreciate life and achieve happiness. Di

    • Thanks Francis. I agree, the moment is priceless. We should learn from the the past, but it’s gone. We should prepare for the future, but not worry about it. The time for happiness and success is now.

  3. I love, love this article! You just made my day, I think this is what everyone needs. To know how to be happy and successful. And to attain that we need to know all the 4 outlined details you made above so that we can activate our full potentials. Willing to go another mile, knowing that we each person is unique and all that will surely set us on the way to greatness and happiness. Thanks for reminding because we need to remember.

  4. Hey Seth,
    I really loved this arcticle and needed to read it today! So many of us get caught up in our busy lives and may think we have it rough but neglect to look around us. I know I complain about things others would dream to complain about. Today I will be thankful for everything I do have and will try to apply some of these things everyday! Thank you again for writing this, and I am going to check out this book for sure!

  5. Great article. I especially like the one about proclaiming your rarity. We should always remember that we have the ability within to achieve whatever we want and we do not need to settle for mediocrity. We can go as far as we want.

  6. Great comprehensive and interesting article! I just loved the tips, particularly tip #2 on the value and power of self affirmations. The mind is very receptive to these and this programming can work very well.

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